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Dr. Bih Tambi

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Bellevue Behavioral Solutions INC.

Dr. Bih Tambi- Psychiatrist

Dr. Bih Tambi is a board-certified psychiatrist who is located on San Jose Blvd, close to the Earth Fare in Mandarin. Dr. Tambi is very committed to providing patients and families with a very calm, comfortable and confidential environment to explore options for evaluation and management of their emotional and behavioral concerns. Dr. Bih Tambi is devoted to providing quality comprehensive psychiatric services to young adolescent and adult patients. Our team prides itself in recognizing the importance of the relationship between the health care provider and patient. Bellevue Behavioral Solutions Inc.'s mission is to support you to reach your optimal physical and mental health state.

Some of the services Dr. Bih Tambi - Psychiatrist provides include Attention deficit disorder, Mood disorders including Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety disorders, Behavioral problems, Women's health (PMDD, Postpartum depression ), PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), Dual Diagnosis (substance abuse coexisting with psychiatric disorder), Opiate Addiction (Suboxone treatment), Psychotic disorders, and Cognitive disorders.
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